Instructions for use | Tips & tricks

Instructions for use

  • Put the washball into the washing drum
  • Add clothes to the drum (separate whites and colours).
          Please fill the washing drum max to 70-80% in order for the Roly Poly washball
          to unfold its full effect through the necessary freedom of movement.
  • Set up the required programme (max. 30 - 40C)
  • Select the ECO mode
  • Stubborn stains need to be pre-treated with ox-gall soap
  • In case of very hard water use a water softener like vinegar (10%) or lemon essence
  • For white laundry use a small quantity of an organic bleaching agent

Please store the washball after each wash in a dry place and expose it to the sun every 2 - 3 weeks. If you have a washing machine with integrated tumble dryer, please remove the washball before tumbling. Please store the Roly Poly washball so that the holes of the cartridge (if included) are facing upwards.