Our promise | The specifics

What you can expect from the washball

  • Clean laundry, but that is not all ...
  • The allergy risk connected to the use of traditional detergents is greatly reduced
  • Your clothes are now treated with care. Keep your clothes looking newer
          for longer as the washball protects your clothes against fading and oxidation
          cased by chlorine dissolved in the water
  • Antibacterial, pathogenic germs are removed
  • Easy to handle
  • Your skin will thank you, because most detergent residues on your clothes are now history
  • Optimal washing results without chemical additives possible
  • Enjoy a reduction in energy costs as the washball becomes active
          at low temperatures of only 20C
  • Space-saving, the washball fits into every cabinet corner
  • You actively participate in protecting the environment by not using detergents
          which cause the pollution of phosphates in your local water supply
  • Keep your colours bright and vivid as no bleaching agents are used on your clothes