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The particular features of the washball

The Roly Poly washball is also great for hand wash.

The Roly Poly washball can last for up to three years even using it once a day!

The Roly Poly washball works completely without surfactants.

The Roly Poly washball is equipped with an interchangeable cartridge, including ingredients for soft clothes and a refreshing citrus scent. Cartridge ingredients: 60% lemon extract, 27% palm oil (from sustainable sources, RSPO certifi ed), 9% distilled water and 4% seaweed extract.

You can easily do without detergents

Nearly all detergents contain soap, which reacts in your washing machine and becomes lime soap. These residues contaminate your washing machine and your clothes. With the washball you instantly eliminate a lot of common chemicals such as foam regulators, silicone compounds, preservatives and colorants. Not to mention surfactants from petroleum compounds, heavy metals and an array of other non declarable substances, which can no longer get into your washing machine and above all else into your clothes. Fabric softener is no longer necessary.